We want to say aloha to new contacts, friends and supporters of Pua Mau Place. There has been substantial progress in the development and growth of this garden complex since it opened its first 15 acres to the public in October 2000.

Pua Mau Place botanical garden is on the desert side of Kohala mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii. This area used to be covered in vegetation, much of which has been lost through the improper use of the land and water resources. The Garden's mission is to protect, preserve and propagate plant life indigenous to the arid climate of the Big Island and to promote continuously blooming plants. We want to educate people about the beauty and variety of plant life and promote a conscientious attitude towards our common resources like water and electricity. Professional horticulturists and amateurs alike delight in a creative approach to transforming desert to an ever-blooming garden.

All gardens require sustained effort and water. We get about 3 inches of rain per year. For maximum efficiency the plantings in the garden are individually drip irrigated. We have two wells with submersible pumps that lift the water 500 feet from the sea level to storage tanks. From there it is distributed to the plants.

As you know, electricity is expensive. Currently the electricity cost for pumping the irrigation water is nearly $4,000 a month with rising surcharges. Most of our electricity in Hawaii is from fossil fuel and hence, not renewable. The energy crisis in California shows that the time has come to look for alternative sources of power.

The Kohala coast of the Big Island has the most insolation (sun rays) among the Hawaiian Islands - an infinite source of renewable energy! Our objective is to install a solar collection system that can supply our current water needs and remove us from the fossil fuel grid.*

You can help us fund this $500,000 project that will allow Pua Mau to fulfill the 4 March 2001 statement in the New York Times: "Now under development, it will, when mature, be one of the finest public gardens on the island."

Please give to provide protection for endangered plants and the beauty that you will enjoy on your visit. All of your contribution goes to the development of Pua Mau.

Mahalo e Aloha,

Irina and Virgil Place

* Parker Ranch (3rd largest ranch in the USA with 225,000 acres, located on the Big Island) has installed a solar system to pump 300,000 gallons a day through seven stages - 7,000 feet total. So, we know it can be done.

The options are yours! You can print out this form (click here) and send it in with your check or we have provided an easy and secure way (click here) if you prefer to donate with a credit card!


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